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Argo Patch Notes

Patch 28


Sometimes, the Multi-chat input textfield was focussed when it was displayed. This has been fixed.

Alleycat Mining Union's Mine Takeover: Security BK - 28 was repositioned so that the quest can always be completed.

Client Stability
Chat emote animations /Keke and /Wink were causing client crashes when spammed. This has been fixed.
When bag expansions run out some players experienced a client crash. This has been fixed.

Patch 27


Dungeons L55 Raid dungeon access in Pastica 42nd Street has been fixed.

Patch 26


Dungeons “Extension” now show the correct maps and the teleportation works.
Dungeons “Temptation” now show the correct maps and the teleportation works.

Character maximum level raised to 57

Patch 25


Field War
Mortalis has now a level restriction and can only be accessed until level 30.
Mortalis and Shine Desert are now available at 1pm GMT as well as on 7pm GMT.

Description and ATK Bonus of Minion Berserk have been adjusted and works as intended now.

[Limited] Live If You Want To Die, Die If You Want To Live was fixed and can now be accepted.
[5-2-5] Bread with Tea Leaves can now be accepted and finished.

Snaki is now Sneaky
Whomp is now Whimp

Map Interface
A typo was corrected where Naihill was displayed as Nihil.

Patch 23 and 24


In some circumstances pressing the Inventory Sort Button caused a client crash. That's fixed.

Core Mall
Core Mall” was renamed into “Shop”. We're referring to it as “Shop” from now on.
Shop shortcut key is working again.
The character now stops when the Shop is being opened.

Fixed the description of Minion Berserk: 1000 ATTK Increase.

Patch 21 and 22


GM and GA Tags are now being displayed in Region/Guild/Party chat.
Players leaving a guild or party can't send messages to the related channels anymore.
Whispering between factions is not intended and now fixed.

Abandoned Experimental Creatures – Inconsistent mob names fixed.
[6-2-1] Fortunai can be accepted now.
[Dungeon] Amethyst's Attraction can be accepted now.

Sorting the inventory doesn't make items in Quickslots invalid anymore.

Result screens don't drop the focus of the client window anymore.

Adventure Skill “Minion Berserk” description was corrected to: 1000 attack increased.

“Grace Of Wind” description is fixed: Party members 10% of Skill Evasion Rate will be increased by 11 minutes.

Patch 19 and 20


Overlapping text in result screen fixed.
Wording/translation in result screen fixed.
Reward is delivered into the in game mailbox after the match.
Matches under 2 minutes don't count as a victory to prevent exploits.
Arena is opened up.

Core Mall
Several item names were fixed and thus, these items available now.

Some characters couldn't be added to the friendlist, that is fixed now.

Personal Shop
The Personal Shop notification when opening the shop is now correctly displayed.

Please note, bug fixing is an integrated process during the beta and even if not all bugs could be fixed in this patch, the developer is working on it for the next patch.

Patch 18


Tooltips, NPC Texts and Descriptions
Options-Menu had Korean text.
Several spelling errors in questtexts were corrected.
Fixed item descriptions that referred to old class names
Manual Power Mode Skill in “Actions” is renamed to “Power Mode”
[Potion Blueprint] Compression Ore description correctly says, that 1,500 charges are produced.
The message that stated enhancing +6 items may destroy these was corrected. +5 and higher enhanced items may get destroyed.
Noblian Rescue Team's Attack quest now shows correct colour indicators.
Reported HTML-Tags in quest texts were removed.
Korean text in Festival NPC Rene Magrita's dialogue is translated now.
Buying potions at a merchant now correctly states that you can set the “quantity” instead of “quality”.
The notification when opening the Core Mall was adjusted to “Please move to a safe location before opening the Shop.”.
Chat notification after 1h+ play time was adjusted to “You have played for 1 hour. Playing for a long time could be damaging to your health”.
Fixed the tooltip from Crystals to show the correct western date and time of expiration.
Buff icons don't show stats as a tooltip. That is intended.

In some cases, the Guild window opened without content. That's fixed.
Guild members can be promoted again.

Arena Participation Application Device has been given an icon.
Arena is accessible for 2vs2, 3vs3 and 5vs5.

Core Mall
Changed Font Size for Core Mall Categories to allow easier interaction.

Fishing while being on a mount wasn't intended and is fixed.

Repositioned the NPCs “Stora Baren” and “Nasiru Zia”

User Interface
Autohunting Shortcut Keys are working correctly now.
ESC Client in login screen doesn't exit the client anymore.
Fixed a bug that didn't let dismount anymore.
Redefining Shortcut Key for opening The Event Board no longer crasheds the game.
Some player's inventory window displayed their characters too large.

Auction House
A bug that prevented some players to open the Auction House was fixed.

The quest “Food Shortage 1” can be accepted/completed now.
Quest “[3-8-2] Cecil Tanatose” can be accepted/completed now.
Quest (Limited) Live if you want to die, and die if you want to live can be accepted/completed now.
Quest “Bread with Tea Leaves” can be accepted/completed now.
Quest “Earthdium Collection I” can be accepted/completed now.
The quest “Lost Colleagues” caused several client crashes. That is fixed.
The quest mob for the quest “Eliminate The Robbers” had a bug and was fixed.
Noblian Event Quest [5-2-5] can be accepted/completed now.

Handlers/Tamers were able to buff themselves multiple times with Blessing. That was unintentional and is now fixed.
Bomber Doppelganger with the skill illusion doesn't show the shout of the opposing faction anymore.
The Skill “Shadow Trace” could cause a client freeze. That is fixed.

Red Revolutionists Set can be equipped again and stats are correctly applied.

An empty dungeon in Shine Desert has been “revived”.

Region Quests do support Auto-Run if the goal entry is clicked in the questlog.

Questmobs in Region Quests can't be auto-hunted. That is intended.

Further being investigated
- After using Invisibility, when the skill runs out, players are left walking and need to press R to run again.
* Chasers using the Skill Invisibility are slowed down as the skill description says. When the skill ends this
slow effect is removed.

- After using a Guild Expansion, leaders are still unable to invite more members.
Guild Expansions were tested and problems couldn't be confirmed. Please report further incidents regarding this with
* Guildname
* Charactername of inviting character
* Charactername of to be invited character

Patch 17


  • Option button has been replaced from KR to EN text
  • From inventory, character heads go over the UI fixed

Patch 16


  • Auto Hunt System is changed to free system.
  • Applied 1.12 version of Core Mall.
  • Applied URL for 'Buy UserCash' Button.
  • Background resource(Textures) fixed.
  • Quests and wrong translated scripts correction (Cannot accept/complete quests, “/br>”, “? br>”, “. /br”, not matching monster and quest names fixed)

Patch 15


  • Apply CBT Titles
  • Several minor script corrections

Patch 14


  • No client quit after login failed
  • Abnormal client quit for sharing Adventure Quest with party members fixed
  • Unexpected game quit from Configuration > Hot Key > Menu fixed
  • “Face Size” in the character creation has been changed to “Head Size”
  • A bug on the Quest System has been fixed (Scripts & Inactive button)
  • Open Auction House (Some of KR texts are currently working on to fix it.)
  • Faction selection UI changed
  • Various Bug Fixes

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